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The Serendipitous Living Team began to set roots over twenty years ago. Our own Oily Esthetician, Kimberly, met Jennifer as they were both entering the career world working in a day planner shop, somewhere in the late nineties. Think Friends but you know, with planners. The two, along with Kimberly’s sister, Danielle, formed what would be a lifelong friendship and bond. Though each ultimately set off to different career paths, they accumulated well-rounded experience and unique perspectives that would eventually converge over a growing passion for clean, inspired, healthful living, and depending on the day… coffee, lots and lots of coffee. Through the laughter and frustrations of life shared over warm mugs, and perhaps the occasional chocolate covered sin, they realized they had quite a lot to offer others from information, ideas, inspiration, resources, or advice gained from the best possible source, experience. So as a team we invite you to join, grab a cup of coffee, tea, or if it’s been that kind of day…wine, and get to know us better!




Born and raised in Chicago, Jennifer currently works full time as a project manager (her hobby job that pays living expenses). She also works full time as one of the co-founders of Serendipitous Living (the job that is her true passion and pays her son’s college tuition). Jennifer also has the full-time job of single mom of two great boys (yes, she is bias). In her free time… who are we kidding? 

Now that Jennifer’s sons are getting older and she’s just a few years away from both boys being in college, she is slowly shifting the focus on herself. Jennifer enjoys living and sharing her passion of clean, healthy living and finding moments to laugh until it hurts. She’s often eager to take on a Pinterest project which may or may not result in those widely circulated fail pictures we all laugh at. This regularly reminds her to stick with what she knows best, a healthy lifestyle with essential oils.

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Kimberly is experienced esthetician of twenty-three years learning, working, and growing in one of the largest skin care industries. She has put lots of nights, weekends, and sweat (which is good for the skin anyway) into merging her skin care knowledge with her passion for clean living through essential oils. Her business, The Oily Esthetician, has been life-changing for her as it allows her to help women look and feel their most beautiful in a natural and holistic way.


Kimberly lives in the Chicagoland area with her husband of fifteen years, her two sons, and her lavender oil thief daughter, making essential oil knowledge and a well-stocked oil cache an absolute must (especially those stress blends… can we say pre-teens anyone?) When she isn’t driving her budding athletes around, working with clients, educating, or learning herself, she is co-founding a company… whew! With all that free time, she certainly finds Serendipitous Living a worthy focus. She knows this just another way to help others find and live the best, healthiest, and most beautiful versions of themselves.

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Danielle resides in the Chicagoland area with her husband and her son. She currently works as an early education teacher and has worked with either with children or in bookshops most of her career. Both have enriched her life twofold. She is a book and computer nerd supreme and has been known to binge watch complete seasons of her favorite shows (also nerdy ones) in embarrassing portions. She adores her family and Sundays when there is nothing to do. 


A bit of a late-bloomer, Danielle has returned to school full-time to earn her English degree (thank you frankincense), because let’s face it, having a full-time job with children and a preteen isn’t time consuming enough. However, none of this could keep her from the constant inspiration that is Serendipitous Living which has turn a creative spark into an absolute wildfire. As one of three Serendipitous Living co-founders, she hopes this is contagious.

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