Why Essential Oils?

Essential Oils are an ancient practice that uses the concentrated essence of a plant for countless varieties reasons. Whether it be for the mind or body, using only the purest essential oils is must for natural living and healthful lifestyles.  Perhaps Young Living describes it best: "Extracted through careful steam distillation, resin tapping, and cold pressing, the purest essential oils are far more powerful than the botanicals from which they come. Any time you hold a bottle of Young Living’s powerful essential oils, you hold nature's pure essence."

Just about every personal story I've come across concerning the discovery of essential oils and its endlessly effective uses is unique and has it's own takeaway on just how versatile these little bottles are. I have never considered myself a subscriber of any sort of organic or holistic philosophy or lifestyle. That is, until I had my son. I believe there is a switch deep within us that recognizes the call to protect that pure and natural little being once we enter motherhood. A call to take care of our children even better than we take care of ourselves. And in a way, that is where our essential oil story begins for the three of us here at Serendipitous Living, our children...


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  Having used essential oils in my skin care practice for the last 23 years, I was always intrigued. I loved the smells and that they were the life blood of the plant, doing so much more than making me and my client relax. I really never knew the difference impurity made in other essential oils until I decided to use them on my kiddos for some common issues we were having at our house. I don’t like the thought of using medication in every passing moment or applying a sub-par product, so I thought, what the heck… let’s give these little bottles try. I went to a class on Young Living and completely fell in love with their Seed to Seal promise. I wanted to make sure I was using something that was pure and promising. Well, it worked like a charm. Our house was completely transformed literally in a few weeks. I felt good about my choice and knew I had to share. I love that my kids turn to something so natural when they are struggling with an issue. IT TRULY HAS MADE MY HEART HAPPY.

My Top Five


I use it almost every day, it’s my own personal stress ball. I love it not only for its amazing smell (if you haven’t smelled YL lavender, you haven’t smelled a true lavender)
but also because it’s just so versatile. I keep it in almost every room, including my spa of course.


Oh, how I love thee. A combination of some amazing oils to help me aspire to super mom level. You won’t find me without it before a class or live video, it gives me crazy super confidence and I smell pretty awesome too.


Because I’m a self-admitted Eucalyptus addict. I love this one because YL blends all three types of Eucalyptus for some serious respiratory support. Add this with some lavender and prepare for some pretty stellar slumber.

Faith & Oola Grow

I love these together. Weather I’m in church, a conference, or teaching a class, I love these two to help me get the most out of the experience. They help me stay focused and learn to have faith in something bigger than myself.

White Angelica

My own guardian angel. Ever heard of an empathist? This girl right here... and my oldest couldn’t be a bigger one if he tried. I find a little of this oil helps keep us centered and a little more guarded and protected where we need to be. A little on the shoulders and back of the neck works for us.



Kimberly was sneaky and introduced my son to essential oils before she even shared with me. I figured what could it hurt? If I'm lucky it would have a placebo effect and boost his confidence. Shortly after being introduced to Young Living, my son was injured while playing sports. I jokingly said, "do you have an oil for that?" Well, the joke turned out to be on me. There was an essential oil to support his recovery, and from that moment on we haven't looked back.

Soon age started to creep up on me, and I realized I needed to better support all systems of my body. We started with a passion for just essential oils and today Young Living is all over our home. Supplements are a MUST every day, and who can live without Thieves EVERYTHING?! We are well on our way to removing as many toxins in our home and living a clean lifestyle!

My Top Five


I love all things Thieves and especially love Thieves essential oil. At the first sign of any ailment, Thieves is in the diffuser. I also enjoy the spicy fall scent.


My love for this oil was instant! Just think sweaty hormonal teenage boys who play sports all year round. Now you get my love for the clean bright scent that make any challenging smell disappear.

Northern Lights Black Spruce

This is the answer to long hard days. I find this blend calming and soothing. I typically don’t enjoy pine/spruce scent; however, I was immediately drawn to this blend.

Eucalyptus Globulus

Let’s just say for a girl that has seasonal issues this is a go to for me. A nice wave goodbye to brain fog is always a victory. I use this at night mixed with Lavender and always wake feeling refreshed.


Please let me clarify this is not my favorite smelling oils, but this is a necessity in my house. This oil is the first oil to be emptied. You think Lavender has many uses… that’s nothing compared to Helichrysum.


So, I’m one of those people who are full of good intentions, especially it comes to the home. I fully intended to prepare this week’s breakfast ahead of time with egg whites and kale in muffin tins buuuut, life happened, some deadline smacked me upside the head or work got crazy and, so I got lazy and lived on coffee for the morning all week. Bad, I know. It is exactly this reason that I have fallen in love with Young Living. It lets me be lazy. After receiving the starter kit as a gift from my dear sister Kimberly (ever the trendsetter), and attending a class with her, I was blown away by Young Livings commitment to their products and its quality. I began with a love affair for the oils that support all the emotions of my pre-teen and my headaches (in relation to said pre-teen emotions) and now YL is my go to for pretty much everything they sell. I love the fact that I am familiar enough with this company now that I don’t have to do more research when I want to buy my family safe toothpaste, laundry soap, or supplements (especially supplements!). Young Living and essential oils is more than just something I do, it’s truly an expression of love for my family and my commitment to them, their happiness and their health.

My Top Five


My absolute favorite. If you put everything I love in a bottle, I am pretty certain it would smell exactly like vetiver. It reminds me of earth, freshly cut wood, and a proper library. When I am in particular need of getting to business and focus is its most elusive, vetiver is my go to.


I put Sage with everything. It is a great one to tone down a particularly loud oil and is clean and uplifting. It really just compliments any oil. With orange to brighten and refresh, or with lavender and eucalyptus to soothe and calm.

Eucalyptus Globulus

This one is probably my most used oil. I think we use it just about every night with lavender in our house for a calming, respiratory supportive effect. Eucalyptus also happens to be one of my most favorite smells. My mom always had dried Eucalyptus about the house and its scent brings me home.

Sacred Mountain

By now you can tell I am all about the woodsy, earthy oils, so really, I couldn’t neglect to include Sacred Mountain. This one I apply in the morning before I head out the door, or even diffuse it as I am getting ready for the day for its grounding, empowering effects. This is my “quite moments” oil when I just need to hit the reset button. Almost like a walk-in nature before you head back to the chaos of the day.


There is just something otherworldly about Frankincense. It melts away the bad things of the day in a bath, or if one of us has had a particularly negative day, I will add a little to our nightly blend. I will also add it to a diffuser or apply it while working to change it up for any cognitive support. It also goes in my face lotion for the day. It’s uses are endless and I can safely say it is probably the most versatile oil.