Serendipitous Goes to Salt Lake

Danielle, Jennifer, & Kimberly

Danielle, Jennifer, & Kimberly

There are three main elements to every girl’s trip movie: laughs of course, unexpected adventure, and some amazing personal growth. While our girl’s trip to Salt Lake City for Young Livings International Grand Convention had decidedly less crop tops and lip gloss than Brittany Spears’ Crossroads and thankfully didn’t have a tragic ending like Thelma and Louise (honestly, I’m not sure which would have been worse), it did have all the elements ripe for an amazing and enlightening trip.

Setting out from Chicagoland this year I was the only convention newbie in our tribe with Jennifer and Kimberly already being pros. Which honestly was great, I imagine completely navigating your first Young Living Convention would be insanely overwhelming. With that being said, the Young Living community is incredibly warm and supportive, always ready to help each other out. I mean the place smells like the biggest diffuser ever, so the vibe was pretty chill. With the crowds topping out around 30,000 + people, there is bound to be lines and waiting, but even at its worst there was Young Living employees (who were rock starts and always so professional) offering oil sampling in lines and selling Ningxia treats.

hope for justice- Young living international grand convention

hope for justice- Young living international grand convention



Every morning we set out for the general sessions of the day in which we watched and listened to the ranking of fellow distributors, a few opening musical numbers, new product reveals (you can check those out here), company expansion news, motivational speakers, and the direction and success of the Gary Young Foundation in that order more or less. In addition, some of you might be aware that just a few months prior, the founder of Young Living, Gary Young, had passed away. Yeah, we balled. I’m talking Sarah McLachlan asking you to save the puppies balled. It was a year of growth for the three of us, which quite often where there is growth there is growing pains. It was a year of trials, tests, and weighing of characters. Perhaps it is because of this, so much of what was said about the Foundation and the very real pain that Gary’s family and dearest friends expressed so deeply touched us. You could see how much it took for his son’s and his wife to hold up as they talked, sang, and celebrated his achievements and the company. And you could see when the words or visuals just became too heavy for them to bear. It was hard, but it was also beautiful and touching. The pain of losing someone you love is a universal pain many of us have experienced and theirs was a pain so familiar to us after our Mom’s passing that it was impossible not to empathize and cry with them and for our own selves. Perhaps next year the swag bag could include tissues and eyeliner please?

young living international grand convention 2018

young living international grand convention 2018

After our morning crying sessions, I mean general sessions, we headed out to check out all the classes Young Living had to offer. For a nerd like me I love that so much of the spirit of convention is about education and growth. Classes offered information on anything from new products to how to improve your game in network marketing. Between classes you could take in the all the over the top décor, check out the gear store (yes, I bought another bag, and no I did not need one), get a shot or five at the Ningxia bar, try the new products, or catch up with what the Foundation is doing. The three of us so loved that last bit. Kimberly had the opportunity to spend some time at the Young Living Academy in Ecuador and it was a game changer for her, something that Jenny and I are so ready to experience in our own ways. And that’s another cool aspect to the Foundation, there are several different ways and causes to give back to. Like, Ecuador earth quake relief, rebuilding Nepal, orphanages in Croatia, Sole Hope, Healing Uganda, Hope for Justice, and more. I beg you, check the Foundation out. It has given new meaning to every goal we have here at Serendipitous Living and direction that has compassion and a larger purpose than we could have ever imagined. At convention alone, Hope for Justice (a global non-profit organization dedicated to end to end human trafficking and modern-day slavery) received $1 million dollars! Getting the opportunity to hear Ben Cooley, their Chief Executive Officer, speak was just incredible, inspiring, and humbling really.  Certainly, something I will never forget.

Young Living international grand convention 2018

Young Living international grand convention 2018

With all of that rolling around in our heads, we also got to hear Eric Worre and Mel Robbins speak. And speak they did. They offered up a lot of wisdom and common sense that just honestly, needed to be heard. They are great resources for anyone, but especially those with the entrepreneurial spirit who need an extra kick in the pants to get moving or moving faster. Even that was pretty emotional, but I was already a crying train-wreck at this point, so it didn’t take much. Seriously Young Living, tissues next year, maybe infused with Release or something.

Young Living's Mona Lavender Farm

Young Living's Mona Lavender Farm





I am not an outdoorsy kinda girl when it is over 75 degrees, no thanks. So it takes something pretty spectacular to draw me into the insane Utah sun in the summer. The Young Living Mona Lavender Farm did just that. “The rugged landscape of central Utah contrasts with our serene, fragrant lavender fields to create a place of pure peace and relaxation. Featuring over 1,400 acres of fragrant herbs, a cool reservoir, pristine natural beauty and fresh mountain air”. OH MY GOSH, right? It is everything like that and more. For a girl from the Midwest plains (I legit live next to a prairie), I couldn’t help but stare at those mountains like an idiot everywhere I went on the farm. Lavender ice cream, juniper harvesting, mountains, a yummy picnic with strawberry shortcake… only things missing were a hammock, a book, and a nap. Bonus, we got to spend this time with our awesome and sweet crossline friend Mary Clendenin. Win!






Atticus Coffee & Teahouse- Park City, UT

Pago- Salt Lake City, Ut

Pago- Salt Lake City, Ut

Like I said, I am not outdoorsy in the heat, but I am also a pretty big introvert. You can imagine how exhausting spending days with several thousand people is for not only me but my girls too. Even my social butterfly sister needed some downtime. So, we made the time to have some relaxing moments to recharge. Sometimes that meant a quiet meal out of the way of convention goers. One gem of an eatery that stands out was a place called Pago. It was a little hipster kind of joint that we took a shot at after browsing Google and finding good reviews on their burger. I DREAM ABOUT THIS BURGER STILL. Yeah it was that good, a definite revisit next year. Be warned, your burger game will never be the same. We also took to some pretty interesting places like the Salt Lake City Library Café and Park City. Since last convention my sister (knowing what one of my favorite books/movies is) had made it her mission to get me to Atticus Coffee, Books, & Teahouse in Park City Utah. Sensing a theme here? Yup we love all things books and caffeine (Gregory Peck doesn’t hurt either). The atmosphere there was perfect, I mean their slogan is “make tea not war”. The town itself has a cool, trendy, but laid back vibe. We sat for a long while, drinking teas, coffees, talking, sometimes not. That’s when you know you’ve got a good tribe, you don’t have to fill all those quiet spaces with talk.

Young Living's Mona Lavender Farm

Young Living's Mona Lavender Farm






All in all, it was an experience like no other. We had our laughs. Little things that are only funny between girlfriends that know each other well. We had our adventures kicking around the mountains of Utah and we certainly had and continue to have our moments of personal growth. Before convention we had hit something of a stall. Losing a little of our momentum that kept us from advancing up to that next rung of achievement. Listening to crossline friends, speakers, stories of the Foundation, and each other gave us something of a boost to continue on. If you told me a year ago that I would need people outside my tiny circle, I would have laughed and commenced reading my book. That cheesy saying that “no man is an island” I have found to actually be kind of true. If you want to grow, you need others. Others to listen to, learn from, lean on when you need it, be inspired by, to carry on for. That’s what I learned at convention and that’s what I love about Young Living. Ha, who knew I would still be writing about what I did on my summer vacation in my thirties?



New Product Lineup!

Happy July Everyone! We are back from Young Living’s 2018 International Grand Convention, rested, refreshed, and ready to tackle the summer. What a fun and incredibly inspiring time we had! I just love this business so much, I can’t even call it work! Check out all our shenanigans here tomorrow (July 3rd) with our upcoming blog all about our experiences, what we’ve learned, and what we are most excited about. We had such an amazing time learning, growing, and connecting with all our crossline friends from Young Living. What a blast!

Just when I thought Young Living couldn’t get any better, they hit it out of the park with the release of their latest products. So, let’s chat and I will let you in on some little secrets about these gems. You will definitely want these in your house! Let’s start with some personal products (my personal favorite’s) all of which have NO sulfates, parabens, dyes, synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals or any yuck!







#1 Maximum Strength Acne Treatment

Young Living released their 1st acne approved treatment.

This goes above and beyond any spot acne treatment I’ve seen in my years skin care work. Key ingredients are: Salicylic Acid derived from Wintergreen so it won’t over dry, but help clear acne, blemishes, pimples and blackheads. It carries tea tree and malaleuca which help reduce your healing time. With added aloe to soothe the area. One of my favorite ingredients in this gem is Willow Bark extract, which helps to brighten your skin. You can use this on spots or as part of your daily routine on those hard to manage areas.

#2 Orange Blossom Wash and Moisturizer

Young Living reformulated their #1 cleanser to make it even better. No more wheat for a completely hypoallergenic cleanser designed with sensitive skin in mind. It reduces oily skin and surface oils and contains naturally cleansing essential oils like Copaiba and Orange. Oh, and of course it smells so amazing!!! It’s super easy to use and control your portion with its new pump. It perfectly complements the Orange Blossom Moisturizer. One thing I found Young Living was missing form their skincare line was a moisturizer made for oily type skin. I have to say, I am loving this one. Not only does it smell lovely, it helps control my oily skin while keeping it moisturized. It’s non- greasy and non- irritating. The ingredients they added to this one had me all excited. Licorice root extract is one of my go to’s in my spa. Talk about some bright skin, and Micro algae (GOOD BYE AGING SKIN).





#3 Mirah Lustrious Hair Oil and Luminous Cleansing Oil

Young Living brought two new products to the table with their Mirah line and they are so luxurious.

If you haven’t used a cleansing oil for your face you are missing out. Check out my video in The Oily Esthetician group on this. Oil attracts oil, so your face is left clean and hydrated. With amazing essential oils like bergamot, rosemary, jasmine and roman chamomile, this will become one of your favorites for sure. I have Oily skin and love love this one. However, I only use it once a day, at night actually and do a double cleaning, once with Mirah and once with orange blossom. Your face will love you!


Mirah hair oil has more than one purpose. I love it in my hair damp, as a heat protector, on my fly aways, on the ends of my hair, and its pretty awesome for your cuticles too! It has Argan oil, which is light,  ROSE (uh, yes please), and Ylang Ylang essential oils. Plus lots of fatty acids and vitamin E in this one to make your hair shiny and glossy!

#4 Charcoal Bar Soap

HOLLAR!!!! Ready to unclog your pores? I’m loving this for my teenage clients backs and chest. Where I wouldn’t recommend this for someone with more mature skin, this can be added to your teenager’s face routine. Charcoal powder is the ultimate way to detoxify. Think underarms soap peeps! Everyone needs this one! A little aloe and orange essential oil has it smelling so fresh and clean.

#5 Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50

 You asked and Young Living delivered! I’ve been using this and absolutely LOVE[DB1]  it! It spreads super easy and contains some crazy good ingredients like Helichrysum, Lavender, Frankincense, and Carrot Seed essential oils. Can you say HIGH FREQUENCY!!!!

Yay FRANK for the WIN!!!

-Sweat and water resistant for up to 80 min

-Recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation

-Non-greasy with a matte finish

And my favorite, favorite thing about this sunscreen is that it’s reef safe.

#savetheoceans #saveourreefs #saveoursealife







#6 New Savvy Minerals Makeup Line Additions

Last year Young Living released their Savvy Makeup Line and it was a HUGE deal!

NO parabens

NO phthalates

NO bismuth

NO talc

NO petrochemicals

NO synthetic fragrances or colorants!


-This year they added Mascara (LOVING IT) it has lavender in it and glides on beautifully without smudging.


-2 Primers YAY!!!

-Extra multitasker colors for brows

-5 deeper darker shades of lipstick

- A matte veil that will rock out your makeup for an ultimate finish.

- #1 Palette, can I tell you how excited I was about this??? Not only are the 5 colors gorgeous, but they are easy to travel. All in a convenient compact and easy to use. Oh and of course blended with lavender essential oils. And its name gives me hope that they are expanding with even more palettes soon!








#7 Kidscent MightyPro Prebiotic and Probiotic for kids.

Ok seriously Young Living you are amazing. My kids are loving these, no whining about swallowing a pill or the bad taste. They taste like candy, so Mom’s beware. Healthy guts are ultra-important and this will help maintain healthy bacteria in the gut, colonize the GI tract and promote digestive health. Make sure to stock up on these Mom’s and be prepared for back to school germs!

# 8 Essential Oil Kunzea and Essential Oil Blends Freedom and Journey On

Young Living always releases a new essential oil at convention this year D. Gary Young formulated 3, which was very special because it was the last blends he made before his passing. Of course, they are always works of art and never disappoint.

Journey On was a commemorative blend you could only get at convention. It is a grounding earthy blend of over thirty-four essential oils like Frankincense, Sandalwood, and even some blends like Dream Cather and Motivation.

Freedom was this year’s mantra at convention and the other convention special blend. It’s also one with some brilliant oils like Lavender, Idaho Blue Spruce, Vetiver, Peppermint, Palo Santo, Valerian, Copaiba and Sacred Frankincense. Designed to apply to temples at night to inspire feelings of freedom from everyday troubles.

Kunzea not only smells incredible but offers a clean woodsy aroma. I am loving this one diffused with citrus and it’s been excellent when added to my skincare routine. If you like any of the Eucalyptus oils, you most likely will enjoy this one.

Young Living continues to do amazing work and research to help bring us top of the line, clean products in a responsible and compassion way. As the leader and pioneer of the industry, they always have me excited for what they will come up with next.

Don’t forget to head over to Instagram to give us a follow and a comment. July is a month of contest and giveaways, so don’t miss out!




Always, My Heart

My Grandmothers hands were beautiful. As she worked her dough, they moved with a grace, strength, and an expertise that only a woman who has done this ritual countless times could. Even as a young girl I understood this, it was impossible not to see the decades of experience and love shaping and molding these little delectable treasures. Her kolacky cookies, a decade later, has yet to matched, no matter how I’ve tried.

Grandma and Danielle

Grandma and Danielle

My Mother too, her hands were delicate and fine. I remember thumbing through her wedding album over and over and thinking the stunning young woman with the small hands and the wedding gown with sheer long sleeves looked just like a vision of a princess. She wouldn’t have looked out of place strolling in a castle with her big, kind brown eyes and bashful smile. Both woman had a regal grace and air that is near impossible to replicate by mere desire. Something you are born with I suppose. They were women who dressed elegantly, with care. Not out of vanity but because they were ladies. Both came from backgrounds of hard work and trials that most of us would shrink from. They were as strong as they were beautiful.

Mom & Dad on their Wedding Day ‘73

Mom & Dad on their Wedding Day ‘73

Friends and family have been kind and attentive all morning, it is the first Mother’s Day without my Mom. Truth be told, it feels like every other day. I miss her, not because it is Mother’s Day, but because I miss her to my core every day. Every day I go through the revelation that she is gone. She has been gone approaching a year now, but every single damn day at some point I must push myself in into a realm of reality that I still cannot fathom completely. Like I truly sit there and marvel at the fact she has died as if I am learning it for the first time. I thought at some point it wouldn’t be surreal, yet here we are. Is this normal? Shouldn’t my grief be farther along? Who can say? I see others in their mourning, sad and grieving, yet here I am like an idiot disbelieving waiting for someone to let me in on the joke and say, “Never mind, here she is. Silly, there isn’t a world that you exist in without her.” In fact, I dream about that on occasion. She will walk in and we will come to find out we were wrong after all, because here she is just as she always was. The thing is, these women were so a part of my reality, that maybe I haven’t adjusted to what actually IS right now. The world is just off.

I suppose that is what being a mother is. They are our world, they are our everything. Like one of my favorite poems by W. H. Auden.

She “was my North, my South, my East and West,
My working week and my Sunday rest,
My noon, my midnight, my talk, my song;
I thought that love would last forever: I was wrong.”

Mom and Kimberly

Mom and Kimberly

Many say she is still here, she is looking down on me or something to that effect. But she is not here. Not here to tell me that I shouldn’t wear those shoes with those pants, to laugh at my Dad when he says something suddenly with a southern twang, or to tell me I am doing motherhood just fine and not to worry so much. I guess what I am getting at is mothers are more than just a loving entity or a family unit we grow out of and away from. They are the moon that orbits us, ever influencing who we are, the touchstone to bring us back to our true selves when we forget and lose our way. As a mother myself, that realization gives me a whole different approach to what I say and do for my own son. So, on this Mother’s Day, I finally understand how much a part of me these two women were and what that means to be a mother myself. Funny isn’t it? Even though they are gone, they continue to teach me lessons that no else really can.

In the end when my mother was at her sickest, we were out and about and I stopped with her to let her rest, letting the group go ahead. She said, "Thank you, you always stay with your Mommy." I laughed because it should be a given that I wouldn't leave her and said, "Of course." What I should have said was, "Always, my heart" because that's what we want to be sure of as mothers, that we are our children's "always". Happy Mother’s Day, and if you are lucky enough, hold onto that lovely lady of yours and make sure she knows that she will always be a part of you, the best part.