Find Your Calm & Have Faith: The Art of Restarting

We’ve all been there. Heck, currently I am in the mean throes of it. It is ugly, it is frustrating, it can even be depressing. Here you were, taking the world by storm and something happened, or perhaps nothing happened. The wind left your sails, you lost your mojo, your spark extinguished… however you want to describe it you are in a funk (and not the uptown kind) and whatever you were working towards sort of… well fell by the wayside. For me, summer happened. Work, trips, life, stress, nonsense distracted me from doing the work that I love. And its like that good ole diet I’ve been starting on Monday since the summer of 2014, I just keep telling myself that tomorrow is another day. Well I have decided that I am done being Scarlett O’Hara and am ready to get real with what’s stopping me from moving forward. Time to recall some of things that got me inspired in the past and amend the things that aren’t quite working for me, like everything. So, I will share with you some of the little bits of strategy I plan on trying out to bring me out of this funk and launch me into my highest potential (great oil blend by the way) …

#1 I will schedule with intention. I come across this one so often from countless successful people. Calendars and a written time management plan are really just a must. I think I went about a good six months this year without touching a calendar for no good reason other than I was dragging my feet on which planner to purchase. In that time, I missed approximately 63 appointments/meetings/deadlines. Okay, not really but I missed quite a few and they were the sort that I really shouldn’t have missed, like the kind that made me look like a pretty big mess. I vowed never to be without a calendar/planner again. One of the most recent bits of calendar advice I’ve come across lately from a few different sources is to plan time to think, or daydream, whatever term you use. Richard Branson in particular is a big propionate of doing this. This one seems like a pretty easy and enjoyable one to implement, so tonight, I’m jotting down time for “mind wandering time”. I have to think about that title though, sticking a pin in that one…

#2 I will revisit my goals. When it comes to this, there seems to be all kinds of theories about when to revisit what kind of goals whether it be monthly, yearly, whatever. Personally, I think it depends on the goal. Obviously, you wouldn’t take stock on long term goals weekly. With that said, I think meditating on what you hope to achieve when you meet that goal, meaning why do you want to (insert said goal here). Intentions are everything and sometimes the “why” changes overtime. In my own experience I wanted to reach a specific sales goal with Young Living, so I can do what I love fulltime and have more time home with my family. Though that goal is the same, my why has expanded, I now want to be able to be at that level so I have the time and funds to devote to Young Livings Foundation as well. This has given my goal a whole different perspective and maybe a little more motivation and inspiration to work harder. All in all, taking stock every now and then is vital, finding what has worked, what doesn’t, and what we really want can be a game changer.

#3 I will channel my strength from others. Pain and struggle is all relative, but sometimes looking at how others have not only overcome some pretty intense situations but have had great success as well can be incredibly uplifting. The cool thing is is that stories like these are pretty much everywhere. Humans can be pretty crappy but when you read or watch stories like these, it can remind you that we aren’t so bad and are actually capable of overcoming some amazing odds. Great books like I Am Malala: The Story of the Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban by Malala Yousafzai, Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience and Redemption by Laura Hillenbrand, Half Broke Horses by Jeanette Walls, Night by Elie Wiesel, or Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt, all will break your heart in different ways but show you how courageous and enduring the human spirit can be under pressure. I am self admittedly a book nerd so obviously I am a little biased to this method of inspiration, but after losing my mother last summer books like The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion, On Writing by Stephen King (it’s a little about life too) and Wild by Cheryl Strayed pretty much got me out of bed in the morning with the philosophy that “if they can do it, so can I”. Never underestimate the power of the pen my friends.  

#4 I will listen to myself. Taking a good long hard look at what my internal dialog is can be pretty startling at times. Negative thoughts are sneaky buggers, I often don’t even realize I am entertaining them. I think I was the last person to read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne some months back and wow, changing that pattern of thought is so much tougher than I anticipated. I find myself existing on the negative plane so often with an almost constant mantra of what I don’t want or what I am afraid of happening. Which if you are familiar with the law of attraction, like attracts like so thoughts like these are self-fulfilling prophecies. Negativity like this is like lead boots, going nowhere fast sister. For this one I have to try out some mind hacks like a vision board and perhaps some scheduled meditation.

#5 I will be open AND proactive. Inspiration and education are everywhere. We live in an amazing time where its all available at our fingertips. I am a TEDtalk junkie. I love those things, sometimes too much. I have a nasty habit of watching them to get myself fired up, which is great but then I wander down the interweb hole and I am 17 YouTube videos and 2 bowls of cereal and fruit snack in and I haven’t put into action any of the great advice I am hearing. One of my very favorites is Mel Robbins and I think this lady has my number. She talks a lot about that hesitation into actually putting plan into action with her 5 Second Rule. Simon Sinek, Richard Branson, and Bob Proctor videos are also some pretty good places to start too.

So, all in all I feel like I have a pretty good roadmap to some much-needed momentum in the things I am working towards. Certainly it is something of an art form I have yet to master. If anything, I would add perhaps a mantra, or rather an affirmation to remind keep me moving forward, to keep me positive. I am not certain what that is yet but for now I found one that has given me a boost, and I found it in an unlikely place. I love checking my horoscope daily, and my SO likes to laugh at me checking my horoscope daily, so obviously I have to make a big deal and read it out loud to him just because. However, the other day one got to me and I couldn’t love what it said more. It read, “your story is not yet written, and the pen is in your hand. Little by little something big is changing, and this has been in progress for some time. Find your calm and have faith.” Find my calm and have faith. I aim to.