A Lazy Girls Starter Guide to Chemical-Free Living

I don’t know how I did it, but at some phase in my life I was able to carelessly meander along without thought of what I was either, ingesting, touching, breathing, or simply coming into contact with on any given day. It was a simpler time then, we ate bagels because they were low fat and still lost weight (youth is magical), there wasn’t such a thing as Netflix and we were content with one episode of Friends at a time, WITH commercials. Such innocence, we really didn’t know any better. Now here we are, in the “Age of Information” and we can no longer claim ignorance. One of the most valuable truths I personally have learned is that just because it exists, is widely sold, and is commonly used, doesn’t mean it is good for you or even just okay. Yes, plug in air fresheners, I am looking at you.

My first realization that chemicals can be very hazardous to our health was when my son was born. What happened you ask? Well, nothing really. I just looked at the pure little face, and after months of keeping him in the womb withholding caffeine, sodium nitrates, and other yuck, I began to see the world around me differently and in a more threatening light as I am sure most of you moms do. But moving away from harmful chemicals was a journey of years and lots and lots of homework. So, when my mid *cough cough* thirties hit, my body completely wigged out. Unexplained rashes, weight gain (not unexplained, I love cake), migraines, you name it. Let’s just say when your hands are constantly a rashy, blistery, oozy,  bloody mess you begin to really consider what it is you are coming into contact with and zoom in on what all that stuff is and if it is really necessary. Looking at you this time common household cleaners.

Now before you clutch your bleach bottle to your chest and give me a dirty look, know that I am certainly not saying that you absolutely must be 100% chemical free. Firstly, that’s not even possible. Chemicals are quite literally everywhere naturally. Secondly, I believe science is awesome and has given us some amazing things. We should utilize these amazing things, just responsibly and with eyes wide open. The harmful chemicals I want to focus on avoiding are some well-known offenders and are easily replaced. So here is my list of just some of the filthy five chemical laden products I avoid as much as humanly possible.

Young Living's Savvy Makeup Line

Young Living's Savvy Makeup Line

Perfumes- I know, I know. I used to love me some perfume too. Until, that is, I found that perfume companies neglect to list all their ingredients, AND IT IS PERFECTLY LEGAL. For now anyway. Since the 70’s fragrance companies have been allowed to keep their product’s ingredient lists secret. These secret ingredients contain “potential allergenic, carcinogenic, endocrine-disrupting, or neurotoxic properties” according to Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. Safecosmetics.org is a pretty informative site driven by the movement to bring transparency to what chemicals are used in cosmetics. Which brings us to our next chemical crime…

Makeup- Yeah, it’s getting worse. Sorry ladies. Some of what we put on our skin EVERYDAY has some real nasty stuff like carcinogens and butylated compounds. Think about that for a minute, we put this stuff on our skin, our bodies largest organ. It gets absorbed into our bodies. After you think on that, google these chemicals in relation to cancer and organ toxicity studies. Yeah, no thanks.

Cleaning Supplies (pretty much all of them)- This stuff is terrifying. Just about everything in this category requires gloves while using and has a danger label on it. You know that dishwasher detergent you use, well some of those contain phosphate-laden additives. Yikes. Again, lets consider we wash all our dishes with this stuff, and eat off it. How about some of those cleaners? Well those often have quaternary ammonium compounds and other ingredients that are classified as asthmagens (a substance often related to the development of asthma).


Laundry Detergent- Again, you do a little research and you can come across carcinogens mentioned in relation to laundry detergent. Sodium Laureth Sulfate, phosphates, and again that lurking word “fragrances”… all involved here. We are wearing this stuff folks, wrapping our babies in it, sleeping in it. Scary.

Air Fresheners- This was the first thing to go in my house. Those plug-in deals always bothered my guys, so I simply quit buying them. When I began to use essential oils, I was stoked to have something of an air enhancer back in my life. But this time, it was healthy and wildly beneficial in other ways. Looking back, I can’t believe I used things to scent my home that had warnings to “use in well-ventilated rooms away from sleeping areas.” I tipped one over once and the oil ATE RIGHT THROUGH THE PLASTIC ON A GAMING COUNSEL. Yeah, that’s gotta be good for the lungs. Nope, nope, and nope. Funny thing is, now that I haven’t used them for years, the scents are completely offensive and give me instant migraines.  

Personally, I do desperately try to keep up with new research, new products, all that fun. It seems as if there is new and conflicting data out constantly about what is harmful and what is not. Then there is the question of what sources are reliable. While I try to stay in the know I am also insufferably lazy. Which is exactly why Young Living is a lazy girls best friend. Everything I just listed, is easily and economically replaced with a brand you don’t have be uncertain about. Young Living has it all, shampoo, makeup, cleaning products, etc. I invite you, if you haven’t already, do your homework on Young Living. Question it. Compare it. Explore their "Seed to Seal" promise. I did, and I am so thrilled that I don’t have to stand in the aisle at Target like a jerk anymore reading labels like I am translating Latin and not understanding one bit. MY LIFE IS SO MUCH EASIER. I don’t talk about Young Living because I need a job, I’ve got one of those. I talk about Young Living because it has made my life that much more simple and easy and I want to pass that along. It is an amazing feeling to wash my face or my family’s clothes and be comfortable that I am helping us stay as healthy as possible both now and long-term, and I didn't have to research 25 different brands and 1,200 chemicals to do so. So fellow lazy girl, the first and the easiest step to make on towards a healthful life without needless chemicals is a simple ditch and switch. One and done my friend. Oh yeah, and the whole thing where my order comes straight to my door, lets just say it makes for one happy, lazy girl.

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