The Secret

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Confession time. I am a last-minute kind of girl. Assignments, getting ready for work, even my taxes. I like to think it’s because I work better under pressure and yeah, maybe that’s partly true. But, if I am being honest with myself it’s because I spent too much time looking at teapot cozy’s on Etsy (true story, seriously though… my life won’t be complete until I have this Hobbit one) or went down the path of no return watching social media recipe videos of things I will never make. Sadly, no matcha cheesecake for me. So, when Kimberly and Jennifer would talk about The Secret (todays blog book review), I would nod and a maybe make a vague comment. Yeah, I only skimmed the book I was given months ago to read. Sorry girls, Etsy made me do it. However, crunch-time came, and I dusted off the book and was about to fake it till I made it when I realized I was nearly done with the book. As cliché as it sounds, I couldn’t put it down. Those of you unfamiliar with The Secret, it is a massive best-selling book that explores the ancient concept of the law of attraction. Meaning, it is a universal law that like attracts like. Basically, because our thoughts have frequencies, if what you are thinking of is what you don’t want, you are attracting that very thing. And vise versa, if you are think of the things you want for your life, the universe will respond in kind. “What you think and what you feel and what is manifest is always a match.”

This concept is not new, in fact it is a philosophy continually touched upon throughout history. “All that we are is the result of what we thought.” -Buddha. However, The Secret breaks down the concept. Which, quite honestly, is necessary given the amazing claims the philosophy boasts. Like honestly, I can ask for a million dollars and its mine, just like that? Well yes, sort of. The Secret explains the concept with something called the “Emotional Guidance System.” Simply put, negative thoughts have negative frequencies and feelings, as well, positive thoughts have positives ones. When you are in the positive, you are in alignment. That enthusiasm and joy you feel are signals to do more of that, meaning guide your thoughts with how you feel (I wonder if this applies to cake batter ice cream?). When you are in this frequency you are attracting more of that good stuff you like.

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If this feels too vague, don’t worry, I felt the same which is what kept me reading. I was relieved when I came upon action steps that drew it out for me as well. The first one being “ask”. Ask the universe for what it is that you want, new car, a relationship, cake batter ice cream, your wish is its command. In fact, it is recommended you write it out, present tense even. The second step is simply to let the universal forces respond. That kind of makes me feel like a mighty lightening shooting wizard, I like it. Move over, Gandalf. The third step is to receive, put yourself in alignment with what you want.

Some of my favorite advice and when things began to click for me in this book personally was the concept of shifting your thoughts. One method to achieve this is via a gratitude list, making a list regularly of all the things you are grateful for. If you don’t take anything else from this book I would say at least take this into consideration. This is something that I struggle with big time.

As well, I’ll admit, I always thought vision boards were kind of silly. I mean, I know what my dream house looks like, I have been renovating that Victorian in my head since I was 12. But here’s the thing, I wasn’t putting myself in it. I’ve been standing on the perfect lawn outside looking in, focusing all this time on the fact that I don’t have it. Exactly what you don’t want to do. The Secret makes it very clear, visualization is powerful. Feeling is an open doorway. “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” -Albert Einstein.

Now there are some more secondary concepts on the subject like inner peace and the metaphysical aspects of why this works as well as the connection between physical well-being and this positive philosophy on life. I won’t go to far into that but know that it makes the book all the more of a must-read. And if anything, I would say at least watch the documentary that goes along with it.

Jennifer, good girl she is, did her homework and has already begun to put The Secret into motion. “I decided to put myself to the test. In the book they would think it, and even more was delivered. I would be impressed if I could just even the smallest sign. My son came home and said he had a bill from school for $255 for advanced placement tests. Here we go! I shall manifest this into existence to pay this bill. He laughed and said, “no really, when are you going to pay it?” I put the bill out of my mind and didn’t give another thought as to where the $255 was going to come from. A week later I was given the opportunity to get into an office lottery. I paid my $5 and never gave thought to winning. Well guess who won some money and guess what bill was paid!” Cool, right?!

So, okay. Now that I finished my homework the day that it is due, I can test this craziness out. I am off to create my vision board and spend the next few days slowly changing over to a more positive place of visualization and gratitude. I have a pretty good feeling this is something we are going to be revisiting quite often so I will keep you posted. Until then, we would love to hear from you on our social media pages. Have you tried this? Thinking about reading this? Let us know!