Just a Little Faith


Starting up Serendipitous Living (as well as The Oily Esthetician) has been a labor of love. No matter how much love, it has still been… well laborious. For so many reasons, it is our deepest hope and our continual ambition that our readers take away something from what we have to offer. And I am certain we all can relate, when you put yourself out there in such a way, the world can be a scary place full of negativity and a whole lot of self-doubt can creep in. So, it is no surprise that in our moments of questioning our direction, our choices, and purpose, “faith” is something we have been talking a lot about. Which led us to the question, what exactly does faith mean to us? 



Faith, faith is a pretty loaded word and even had two meanings in the dictionary.




    1.complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

    2.strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof.

When I think of the word faith it’s usually tied to religion. Growing up in a Christian home doesn’t mean I haven’t struggled with my beliefs or faith at certain points in my life. I find as I grow older I lean on God more than in my 20’s. My fears are bigger, my problems more of a big deal and let’s face it... I have 3 kids I definitely need God. My husband and I struggled most of our 1st 10 years of marriage finding a church that fit “us” our family. People use to say, “why go” or “just watch from home” Although I think that’s a brilliant idea, I don’t feel connected or committed when we’ve done that. Let’s be honest, if you have kids it’s hard to focus on anything more than 5 minutes at home. Having faith that we would find a church that had a great Pastor who delivered messages we could relate too, a church that wasn’t judgmental to outsiders, friendly and had an excellent worship team eventually worked out. We love our church and the community.

For me attending church as my kids grew up was important. Teaching them to believe in something bigger than them was important to me as a mom. I feel it’s made a difference in their upbringing and they definetly have a love for God.

But what about the meaning of faith that isn’t talking just about God. Complete trust and confidence in someone or something. Having faith in yourself for instance can be your biggest feat of all. Having the belief you are part of something big that will flourish takes a lot of faith. That’s exactly where I’ve been this week. Trying not to let fear set in as we have started this journey with Serendipitous. Fear kills dreams and faith makes them come to life.

We had some amazing news Easter morning and as a team Serendipitous was pumped, but right away I went to fear. What if the success doesn’t continue or people don’t get the value in what we are doing. All negative stuff! My girls set me straight and I told myself have faith in what your doing is bigger than you and you don’t really have control anyway. Jesus take the wheel...lol

This Sunday service was themed on FEAR! How very Serendipitous is that?!? God knew what I needed to hear, he knows my intentions and he expects me to have faith in the fact he’s got me covered. Faith means something different to each of us. Different Gods, beliefs and missions. But we all need faith.



“Faith” is one of those funny little words when its definition is called into question, you stop and wonder exactly how long you’ve been fumbling through the world without ever really thinking on it. It is definitely an abstract sort of word and it certainly has multiple meanings which (my fellow over-analyzers will sympathize) can get quite complex as meanings intersect and diverge. For your sanity as well as mine, I’ll be general.

 In the light of religion or beliefs, faith is the great unifier. No matter what belief system one follows, faith is at its foundation, so much so that “faith” actually can be defined as one’s religion. Over the years my own faith has developed as I have come to understand myself. I am hardly “traditional” as I once was but the faith at my core remains what it has always been. Once upon a time, sitting in a pew enlightened and encouraged me. Things have changed, or I should say I have changed. I love what Ralph Waldo Emerson says, “God enters by a private door into every individual,” I just consider mine to be a little more recluse. I find my faith looking to a big, beautiful sky or sitting in a quiet moment knowing that there are things much, much bigger than I and trusting that moving forward with an open heart and a positive mind, good things can and will happen both from me and to me, full circle. In this, I find my faith renewed and I am ready again to carry onward through any doubts, trials, or hardships. And I think as a mom, this is more important than ever. As mommies, we are not just living our lives, we are exemplifying it. As strange as it may sound I hope that my son sees my struggles so that he can also see that they can be overcome with a strong faith and an enduring presence of hope.  “Sorrow looks back, Worry looks around, Faith looks up.” -Emerson


When I was a child I was taught you don’t talk about money, politics and religion. My how times have changed. As an adult I have so many questions. I am always digging deeper and wanting to learn more.

Treating others as I want to be treated is always how I have lived. Doing good when no one is looking because it feels good what I have taught my boys. Compassion and understanding is a quality I have always strived for. Learning to find the best in everyone and every situation. I truly believe we get back what we put out into the world.

Daily I take the time to give thanks and make note of all that I’m grateful for. It’s so important to stop and notice all you do have instead of being focused on what you don’t have. I start and end my day this way. Life can challenge us, so focusing on what truly matters is what counts.