Inspirational Spaces - Danielle

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I am an official introvert homebody supreme. Honestly, there are times in the summer that I have to make the conscious effort to pry myself out of whatever comfy spot I am nestled in and move in the world outside my door. I know it’s bad. But, the cool thing about being an introvert is we know how to entertain ourselves and we know how to make some pretty cozy favorite spots that are dripping with inspiration. So, for the next installment of Inspirational Spaces, you get to see my favorite spots!


Well with company coming over, I did tidy up a bit. But honestly, I do appreciate a clean space. I admit, my desk does get a little hairy by the end of the day. After work in the afternoons, I’ll pop the tea kettle on the moment I’m in the door and sit at my desk and unwind. It’s my reward for not running out of work at any point throughout the day. Sort of like a “yay! you didn’t quit adulting today”. And yes, I do use china cups and saucers. Grandma always said that tea and coffee taste better in china and I quite agree. Bougie Grandma for the win.


Usually I do have random books, notebooks about, hair ties, pens, the usual nonsense. I have an issue with book storage. Our tiny little place is overrun, though I have tamed my current read pile on some new wall shelves along with my favorite pens and pencils. I take my writing/drawing tools seriously and don’t share. So, they sit high on my shelf with my TBR pile.

My desk is absolutely my most inspirational spot. It is humble and tiny, but I adore it. I love how it looks out to a courtyard with regal willows and is surrounded by my most useful and favorite reads. Here I am usually writing, meeting deadlines, researching, drawing, all of it. I keep some of my favorite things here too, like my little gnome my niece picked out for me for my last birthday and a ceramic mushroom made by a lady who performed Reiki on it. I love this little happy space.

Now when I am being exceptionally lazy, I love to curl up on my favorite leather chair. It belonged to my Grandparents and sat in their sunroom. It was the absolute best napping place I have yet found. These days it sits in my living room and still has some of that magic. Light up the diffuser (Frankincense, Vetiver, or Sage please) , grab a blanket, cuddle with the dog, and things don’t get much better. Remember Winnie the Pooh’s “Thoughtful Spot”? This is my version, and I may or may not have indulged on some honey bread while sitting there think, think, thinking.

We live in a neat little section of town that have lots of walking paths that weave and wind through rambling prairie reserves. Sometimes, if you walk long enough you can forget you are anywhere near big towns and cities. I love that and on the rare occasion I find the time to do this, I always come away with loads of inspiration. If not, my daily walk to work (as short as it may be) offers a quiet moment to let the thoughts out as well. There is something inspiring about taking a walk without being in a big hurry or worrying about how many calories are being burned. Henry David Thoreau wrote, “Me thinks that the moment my legs begin to move, my thoughts begin to flow.”  And J.K. Rowling said that “Nothing like a nighttime stroll to give you ideas”.

Of course, we would love to hear from you! Find us on social media and share some of your favorite inspirational spots with us, pictures and all. Stay inspired!