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Remember when A&E was more than crime and reality shows? I do, my Mom and I would curl up under blankets and watch shows like America’s Castles for hours on rainy or cold Saturdays. I so loved those. They showed beautiful spaces of America’s most historical and most stunning homes of families like the Vanderbilt’s or Rockefeller's. But more than that, they told stories about the spaces and in turn, stories about the people that lived in them. I think that is what began my near obsession with those articles showing what sort of spaces creative people make for themselves. I love how different they all are, sometimes surprising, sometimes exactly the space you would have pictured for a particular artist or writer. I marvel at Jane Austen’s tiny little desk and how she could have secretly written such enduring masterpieces on it. I love chef and food writer Nigella Lawson’s workspace, it reminds me a bit of Bells library in Beauty and the Beast. I find her teetering book stacks completely charming. Minimalist Steve Jobs has been quoted as saying “All you needed was a cup of tea, a light, and your stereo.” Best-selling Japanese writer, Haruki Murakami actually features his desk on his website giving a tour of all the little personal touches that litter his office. Whatever your space may be, they are as unique and interesting as we are. So, with that in mind I am so excited to share with you the first installment of our own inspirational spaces. It was the very first blog idea I conceived, and I can think of no better way to introduce ourselves because as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.



I always find others space so interesting. Like those cute little articles and pictures on what “famous people” have in their bags or what their kitchens look like. I feel when you look into a person’s space, you really get a feel what they are like. A little peak into their everyday lives. Always a bonus and makes me feel pretty cool when I find out Drew Barrymore and I use the same lip stain.
So, here’s a peak into my office space, usually where I get most of my creative process done. You’ll find I HAVE to keep my workspace clean and orderly. I mean focus oils can only do so much LOL. I do find myself distracted when I have too much going on, on my desk. Can anyone say squirrel 😳
I’m also an extreme opposite of a hoarder. My husband hates it. Don’t leave your coffee cup out to long, or in the dishwasher it goes. We don’t even get the newspaper anymore, because the amount of anxiety a half-read newspaper laying around was too much to handle.
I also love pretty things, inspirational things, but always with meaning. I take after my beautiful Mama that way. She loved her “pretty’s” as her mother use to call them.
So, here’s my space. Some pictures of some things that give me joy each day as I’m trying to empower and inspire all of you.

You won’t really find a space in my house without an oil nearby. Especially in my office. Always on hand is a Chap-stick, rogue oil, and jewelry I’ve taken off. Rose ointment is my absolute favorite, I’m an addict for sure. Living in Chicago leaves you pretty dry in the winters, and rose ointment is good for everything including my lips. It leaves them with a pretty touch of pink.

As you know the hummingbird has special meaning to me. It makes me think of my grandma and Mom. My Mom used to tell a story about a hummingbird that visited her after my grandma passed, a message to her for sure. My Grandmother always had hummingbird feeders in her house in the country and it brings me back to a simple time. They also portray beauty like both my Grandmother and Mom did.
This tray we found a mind, body, & spirit expo on one of our Serendipitous adventures. It was made by a lady who painted and did Rekei on it. The energy I get from it calms me.

This is also where I teach and do makeup on my clients. I love that it’s so accessible and the natural light in here is great. I shoot most of my Oily Esthetician videos from here as well.

Knowledge is power right? Being with Young Living the past 2 years I’ve grown, and I contribute it to the many books my cross-line friends have written or recommended. Young Living is more than just a company it’s a lifestyle. A chance for you to learn and grow to become empowered to help the next person.