"Courage, Dear Heart"


On the eve of our company launch date, I feel like a nervous young mother again, apprehensively sending off my chubby-cheeked kindergartener into the world. Hoping I did everything right, hoping that others see the value and love I have put into my baby. At its conception, we thought of Serendipitous Living as this thing we would create and deliver, simple right? Just inspiration paid forward. Well, nothing worth doing is ever that simple, is it? Countless late-night meetings, bottomless cups of coffee, and dozens of illegible notebooks later we realize our miscalculation. It has taken work, lots and lots of hard work. It has cost us miffed looks in the morning when our kids discovered mom was up late again and threw together the most bizarre concoction of lunch meat and almond butter for todays lunch box.

The work was constant too, when one thing was finished we realized we needed more or just needed to up our game. I remember reading somewhere that Shonda Rhimes (writer for Greys Anatomy and other hit shows) said that working on her shows was a lot like laying track for a train already coming down the line. I can imagine now what that means.

Worries over creative choices and technological know-how were daily. Once in the third grade I had to make a St. Lucia wreath for a school project, complete with greenery, ribbon, berries, and candles. I pilfered the off-limits hot glue gun and got to work, pretty sure of my ability to make good on my vision. It was a red and green, glue-dripping nightmare with candles aggressively standing/sliding at different angles. I set fire to my mom’s Tupperware to boot. Unfortunately, Pinterest wasn’t around, it was indeed a Pinterest fail of legendary proportions. And I will admit, this is one of the reasons I have stayed up late at night working. I am not about to let the St. Lucia wreath incident of ’91 happen again.  


But here’s the thing, we love every minute. Not just because we have an excuse to get together and have some laughs, that is the icing. No, it is because we are living our passion. The expectation of bringing the inspiration, knowledge, and resources we so needed to others keeps us going. I cannot adequately convey how beautiful it is to see the girls I love in their element, creating, working, pushing the limits of what they thought they could do, learning new things. And as one experiencing such, I can tell you it feels AMAZING. Being in control of where my energy goes and it going for positivity and for others has been more rewarding that I ever imagined. This is what we so hope for you. We hope that in your day you turn to us and see something that drives you or catches your eye, that offers you something to help you live your best life, even in the smallest of ways.

So, tomorrow I am going to start up the diffuser with our “Serendipity” blend in celebration, take a breath, and send my baby out into the world.


“So Matilda’s strong young mind continued to grow, nurtured by the voices of all those authors who had sent their books out into the world like ships on the sea. These books gave Matilda a hopeful and comforting message: You are not alone.”- Roald Dahl

Serendipity Blend

3 drops of Northern Lights

3 drops of Sage

2 drops of Bergamont

Breath and allow yourself feel the universal energy as you are uplifted, senses are strengthened, and you are calmed and centered.