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Mission Statement

We here at Serendipitous Living are happiest when we subscribe to the philosophy that inspiration is just around the corner. It is what drives us, makes us feel passionate about what we do, and what ultimately makes positive impacts in all aspects of our lives. This is what we hope for you. Our mission is to make a safe place where ideas, information, inspiration, and community come together daily. To be that moment in your day you take a step back, take a breath, and learn something new that can improve your life, no matter how small. We want to ignite the creative spark within to help you push onward to the next level so that living inspired and with the expectation that something good can happen serendipitously, is a way of life.



Vision Statement

Serendipitous Living sets out to provide not only the resources, but as well the inspiration to lift women up and empower them so that they may realize their full potential in their personal and professional lives. We will work tirelessly to be the uplifting community, sharing information, education, ideas, and beauty to make a positive daily impact in the lives of our tribe and those around us.

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